Let us show you how to create a supportive culture for caregivers.


What if the support system you've always counted on is now counting on you?


From coaching to lunch-n-learns, we augment existing benefits to help retain your best talent.


Offering soothing soaps, healing lotions, and fun accessories to bring comfort to those who care.

When organizations ignore caregivers, they lose talent, engagement and productivity.

Working professionals with family caregiving
responsibilities may think:


I can’t talk about my family situation at work.


I never thought I would have to choose between being a good employee or a good daughter!


I’m overwhelmed.


Will my manager think I’m less committed if I use the caregiver benefits my company offers?


My colleagues don’t understand why I don’t join them for lunch or drinks after work.

Balancing work and family obligations is often easier said than done but essential for a healthy lifestyle.

My focus is educating Corporate America about the reality of family caregiving. I offer seminars and support to current caregivers, managers of caregivers, and working professionals who may find themselves in a future caregiving role. Let me know how I can be of help to your organization.


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