Family Caregiving is a Diversity and Inclusion Issue

One of the biggest corporate diversity and inclusion issues facing us this century has nothing to do with age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, ethnicity, or ability. Unlike most diversity and inclusion issues, its source isn’t always an integral part of a candidate or employee’s personal identity. And someday, you could be one of the people discriminated against, or you could already be guilty of doing the discrimination yourself.

The issue? Family caregiving

More on my thoughts as to why Family Caregiving is a Diversity and Inclusion Issue can be read on the TLNT-Talent Management and HR website.

Sarabeth Persiani

Sarahbeth Persiani is the author of Run, Walk, Crawl- A Caregiver Caught Between Generations. For five years, Sarahbeth was the primary caregiver for her Father, who had dementia, while working full-time and taking care of her own family. As the founder of We Are Sharing the Sun, her focus these days is to help companies create a supportive culture for family caregivers and provide education, support and encouragement for working professionals who are themselves in the sandwich squeeze.