As a family caregiver, the one consistent self-care routine I kept was to rub lotion on hands and feet before bed. Natural soap and soothing lotions are available for you too and make wonderful gifts!


It’s proven that lavender oil soothes. The calming effect of lavender essential oils can help in relieving depression, anxiety, and even headaches. The fragrance in our blend is best described as soft, plain lavender.


For the days when you need a little extra energy, lemon lift offers the sunny, spunky scent of lemon verbena. Fragrance is graced with a lovely blend of lemon, grassy herbals and kissed with a bright floral note.


You’ll notice the crisp, ozonic note of salty sea highlights like a fresh ocean breeze. The anti-inflammatory healing properties of sea salt have been known to provide relief from muscle aches and arthritis.

Handmade soaps are chock full of essential oils and nourishing ingredients

Just compare the laundry list of ingredients on commercially-made soap with the pure ingredients that go into natural soaps. No preservatives, no artificial additives or color dyes, no detergents or sodium lauryl sulfate… just clean natural soap that’s gentle on your skin. Experience the luscious lather, the lasting yet subtle scent and you’ll never go back.

Essential Oil Infused Lotions

An essential oil is created by extracting the natural products of different parts of plants— such as flowers, leaves, fruits, peels, bark and roots. They’ve been used for thousands of years in various cultures to enhance lives for medicinal and health purposes. Much has been written about the incredible healing effect that essential oil plays in connecting mind and body.

Our lotions are light enough to be reapplied throughout the day. The non-greasy formula leaves your skin perfectly moisturized and delightfully fragrant.

We Walk the Talk

It’s about sharing our time under the sun, living and working peaceably together. As such, we’re glad to team up with other shops and small business owners. Soaps and lotions are sourced from Molly’s Apothecary where products are made by hand in small batches using essential oils and natural ingredients.

Pesky Allergies

It’s hard to say that anything is completely safe for people with serious skin, food or nut allergies. Some soaps and lotions contain shea butter (a form of tree nut) and are mixed in the same facility that produces nut based products. Although people with nut allergies do not typically react to shea butter, it’s best to consult your doctor with any concerns.

Return Policy – For hygienic purposes and the nature of soap products, all sales are final.

Healthy Benefits

Experience the healing and purifying properties of natural soaps & essential oils


  • Relaxes Aching Feet
  • Relieves Tired Muscles
  • Alleviates Nausea
  • Encourages Restful Sleep
  • Normalizes Heart Beat
  • Normalizes Hormone Levels
  • Hydrates and Repairs Skin
  • Rejuvenates Emotional Stamina
  • Quells Cravings
  • Improves Feeling of Wellness
  • And…you’ll smell really good!

Our bath and body products come in delicious fragrances that relax and uplift

How to Purchase

We Are Sharing the Sun Gift Sets are available in quantities for companies to purchase for their working family caregivers and of course, for healthcare providers to surprise their dedicated professional staff. Gift Sets overflow with fragrant, feel-good products and are beautifully packaged. Gift sets are value priced because we believe so strongly in supporting all hardworking caregivers!

Products are currently offered at scheduled on-site events such as – hospital and nursing home lobbies, corporate health fairs and community festivals.


Contact me to schedule your event.